Plan Options

If would like to purchase a meal plan or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, please visit one the JAG Card office's located on the 2nd floor of the Jaguar Student Activity Center on the Summerville Campus or the 1st floor of the Health Sciences Student Center.  Students can also sign up online at or call 706-731-7080.  Click Here.

All undergraduate students living on the Health Sciences campus are required to have the Basic Meal Plan. Save time and money by upgrading your plan to the Jaguar Blue or Jaguar Gold Plan.

Students living in University Village are required to purchase the University Village - $300 Flex Plan. University Village students may also purchase the Jaguar Blue or Jaguar Gold Plans. 

Students may add Flex Dollars any time during the semester to their JagCard here.

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Basic Meal Plan
Basic Meal Plan - 10 Meal Swipes per week at  Atrium Dining Hall  + $350 Flex Dollars

Jaguar Blue Buy Plan
Jaguar Blue - 12 Meal Swipes per week at Atrium Dining Hall + $350 Flex Dollars

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Jaguar Gold
Jaguar Gold - 19 Meal Swipes per week at Atrium Dining Hall + $350 Flex Dollars

Buy PlanUniversity Village Meal Plan
$300 Flex Dollars and can be used at any of the AU Dining locations (except McDonalds & Food Trucks)

Commuter, Faculty & Staff Plans
· Dining Dollar Plan A - $150 -($160 value in Dining Dollars)
· Dining Dollar Plan B - $525-($575 value in Dining Dollars)

Dining Dollars can be added to any meal plan. Add online here. Or purchase JagCash here.


Flex or JagCash can be added to your student ID anytime online! Add $250 Flex Dollars here. Or purchase smaller amounts of JagCash here.

Anyone can purchase Flex or JagCash. Even parents, grandparents or extended family! Have your JagCard number ready.